Blessing Hancock
date: currently commissioned, install Fall 2014
Blessing Hancock and Joe O'Connell
Defenders Lodge, Palo Alto Veterans Hospital, Palo Alto, CA
steel, LED lighting
10' x 3' x 12', 3 total
commissioning agency: Palo Alto Veterans Hospital
Camaraderie is a series of three chevron insignia sculptures that will be located on the Palo Alto Veterans Hospital campus. Military insignias are a badge of honor and a great source of pride and accomplishment. This public artwork integrates words collected from veterans groups associated with the Palo Alto VA to tell their exceptional story of friendship and solidarity.

Blessing Hancock owns Skyrim Studio Inc which focuses on site specific sculpture. She utilizes her BFA in Sculpture and MLA in Landscape Architecture to create innovative work for public spaces. She has completed monumental sculpture projects throughout the world and has extensive experience working with city agencies, project teams and community groups.

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