Blessing Hancock
Blessing Hancock, Joe O'Connell, Nina Borgia-Aberle
Houghton Road, Tucson, Arizona
stainless steel, LED lighting
14’ dia x 38’ length
commissioning agency: City of Tucson
Cocoon is an engaging, illuminated sculpture that you can walk through and feel yourself transformed by the experience. Our primary goal is to express a sense of rebirth and transformation. Colored light transforms the inside of the cocoon into a shadow theater where people can see themselves projected onto the surface of the sculpture and its surroundings.

Blessing Hancock owns Skyrim Studio Inc which focuses on site specific sculpture. She utilizes her BFA in Sculpture and MLA in Landscape Architecture to create innovative work for public spaces. She has completed monumental sculpture projects throughout the world and has extensive experience working with city agencies, project teams and community groups.

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